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How to join the network

Why joining the research network Geothermal-DHC?

Our research network on the inclusion of geothermal energy into heating and cooling grids is open for your ideas, experiences and knowledge.

There are various ways to contribute to Geothermal-DHC:

  • Be a member of the Management Committee in case your country has not joined yet
  • Contribute to our interdisciplinary Working Groups and lead an Ad Hoc Working Group
  • Follow our Action as an observer

In turn, Geothermal-DHC offers you:

  • A pan European platform to exchange your ideas and cooperate in geothermal heating and cooling grids
  • The possibility to get connected, create joint initiatives and help to raise the impact of geothermal heating and cooling grids in your region and Europe
  • Access to the knowledge hub created in our network and benefit from a technological transfer from experienced to juvenile markets across Europe
  • Access for young researchers to our training and networking tools  such as Short Term Scientific Missions or Training Schools
  • Supportive instruments provided by COST for researchers from less research-intensive countries to gain better access to European knowledge hubs (e.g. Inclusiveness Target Countries conference grant support)

A few simple steps to join the network

  • Step 1: read the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to see if the objectives of Geothermal-DHC match your interests and expertise and make yourself familiar with the general rules of COST at the COST Vademecum
  • Step 2: Register to the Yellow Pages of Geothermal-DHC to share your background and interests with the network

In case you would like to just follow our Action and be regularly informed about our activities, outcomes and events there is nothing more you need to do.

  • Step 3: Register at eCOST in case you do not have a profile yet
  • Step 4: Inform the Action Office (     CA18219(at) about your eCOST user name and the aimed position and role inside the network

Please note: Joining a COST Action as Management Committee member is possible until the end of its 3rd year, i.e. 15th of October 2022.