Neotectonic development of the Osning lineament 
funded by the German Research Foundation

The Ice Ages in the Alps: Exploring Climate Development near Winterstettenstadt
-funded by ICDP

MoreSpin - Development of a mobile NMR sensor
-funded by German Research Foundation


Climate dynamics in West Africa: Impact on modern humans
-funded by German Research Foundation

Blue Transition to secure groundwater resources

Lower Saxony's Science Minister Falko Mohrs visited pilot area "WaterFarmers" in the Interreg research project Blue Trantition to develop sustainable solutions for groundwater and soil management in the North Sea region.

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Development of measurement methods for repository site selection

As part of a research contract from the Federal Company for Radioactive Waste Disposal, the LIAG is leading the scientific work in the "GeoMetEr" project with a total volume of 8.8 million euros. 

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TONIA: nutrition management in precision agriculture

The aim of the joint project is to optimise nutrient management on arable soils. Since the soil is very specific, the areas are measured geoelectrically. The LIAG is responsible for the evaluation of the geoelectrical data. The conductivity maps are converted into 3-D soil texture maps with the help of reference measurements. 

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Optimised groundwater exploration

LIAG is coordinating the OGER project, which has been approved by the German Federal Foundation for the Environment. The development of an economically feasible workflow for hydrogeological exploration using geophysical methods should enable a reduction in cost-intensive drilling while at the same time gaining more information. A special focus is on northern Germany.

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Study identifies deficits for the accelerated expansion of deep geothermal energy

Where and under what aspects can there be bottlenecks that could hinder the rapid expansion of geothermal energy? In order to answer this scientific question, the LIAG, on the initiative and under the direction of Prof. Dr. Inga Moeck, has launched an institute-funded cross-impact study and carried it out together with the University of Göttingen.

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Temperature overview in the geothermal portal GeotIS

Updated home page: With a new temperature-depth controller, the temperatures and thus the potential for geothermal energy in a wide variety of regions in Germany can now be viewed easily, user-friendly and individually on the main map. The new function was developed as part of the ArtemIS project.

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