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3D pore space structures

Subproject I: pore shape

Modern visualisation methods such as high-resolution X-ray computer tomography (µ-CT) have made it possible to depict and quantify even the finest and smallest structures (down to a few µm) of natural rocks in a non-destructive and three-dimensional way. Astonishingly little attention was given in the past to quantifying the pore shape and its influence on petrophysical parameters (e.g. permeability). As part of this bursary funded by the Brazilian science ministry (cnpq), 3D data sets of the pore spaces of three reservoir sandstones were analysed using modern image analysis in terms of their shapes and equivalence classes. The results have been published and the "Open Access Publication" is available from the link given below.

Subproject II: Fractal dimensions

In the second phase of the project, the fractal dimensions of so-called "unconventional reservoir rocks" were investigated. The aim is to combine this with the new classification options created by the first project phase to gain a deeper understanding of the topology of pore surfaces.

Project scientist LIAG

 Dr. Matthias Halisch

+49 511 643-2331

Mayka Schmitt Rahner, PhD



Publication Stage 1

Publication Stage 2