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The institute has two external and several internal committees. The specific responsibilities of each committee are defined in the institute's articles of association (available only in German).

Governing Board

The governing board is responsible for the overall technical supervision of the institute. It has 11 members and makes decisions on high priority aspects.

Members of the governing board

Scientific Advisory Board

The scientific advisory board advises the other committees of the institute on all aspects of importance for the scientific work of the institute. It is responsible in particular for the ongoing evaluation of the institute's R&D activities; and can engage external experts for this purpose.

The scientific advisory board has nine members comprising eminent scientists from a range of institutions.

Members of the scientific advisory board

Officers and spokespersons for internal committees

Data protection officer

+49 511 643-3818

Health and safety officer

S.Trog / BAD
+49 179 130 60 17

Equal opportunity commissioner

G. Clasen (temp.)
+49 511 643-2066

Public relations

G. Clasen
+49 511 643-2066

Chairman of the employees committee

D. Vogel
+49 511 643-3511

Spokesperson for the research committee

Dr. C. Zeeden
+49 511 643-3497

Spokesperson for disabled persons

K. Worm
+49 5562 9146-14

Spokesperson to safeguard good scientific practise

M. Grinat
+49 511 643-3493