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Job Offers

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Student Theses

Together with various university, we offer supervision of bachelor’s and master’s theses in the research fields, in which LIAG is engaged. In this way you wil be able to learn applied geophysics at an early stage in your career and work on current topics of societal importance.


PhD theses

At LIAG we work on a variety of research fields with a large range of methods (e.g. seismic, borehole geophysics, geothermal potential, geochronology, geophysical potential, petrophysics, geoelectrics). In collaboration with a university, PhD students can work in our research groups to obtain their PhD degree.

Link to open offers of BSc/MSc theses and PhD theses

LIAG Graduate School

In 2021, LIAG has founded and implemented its own graduate school. The aim of LIAG Graduate School is to promote young scientists at the LIAG by organizing subject-specific and job-related workshops and qualification offers. The graduate school is supported by the doctoral advisory board of LIAG.

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