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Promotion of early career scientists

The Leibniz Institute for Applied Geophysics offers various opportunities for your qualification. As a student, doctoral candidate or post-doc, you can take part in interesting support programs for early career scientists and participate in current research projects as part of your training. LIAG also offers internships in the research areas of the institute for highschool or university students or to write your thesis at the institute. Excursions to the LIAG for school class can also be organized together with teachers to match the curriculum. 

PhD theses

At LIAG we work on a variety of research fields with a large range of methods (e.g. seismic, borehole geophysics, geothermal potential, geochronology, geophysical potential, petrophysics, geoelectrics). In collaboration with a university, PhD students can work in our research groups to obtain their PhD degree.


BSc/MSc theses

Together with various university, we offer supervision of bachelor’s and master’s theses in the research fields, in which LIAG is engaged. In this way you wil be able to learn applied geophysics at an early stage in your career and work on current topics of societal importance.

Feel free to contact us regardless of the topics advertised below.


Open BSc topics


Open MSc topics

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