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Projects S3

The section works on both third-party funded and LIAG funded projects. The work is divided among the method-specific research fields of the section and the topics in the main research areas of the institute.


Third-party funded projects

  • Northern Iranian loess and its palaeoclimatic implicationDetails
    (DFG: FR877/26-2)
  • Forest steppes of central Mongolia Details
    (DFG: FR 877/32-1)
  • CROSSTRAT – Crosschecking of stratigraphic data from continental deposits in Sardinia and the reliability of radiometric data

Internal projects

  • ESR-Dating of sediments
  • Thermochronometric studies
  • Scientific drilling Garding and pushed moraines in Schleswig-Holstein (LANU SH)
  • Fluviatile Late Pleistocene dynamics at Inn and Isar (GD Bayern)
  • Saalean age river dynamics in Sachsen-Anhalt (GD Sachsen-Anhalt)
  • Paleo earthquakes in Lower-Saxony and Sachsen-Anhalt (LUH, BGR)

Third-party funded projects (finished)

  • Weichselian glaciation along the southwestern Baltic Sea Coast  Details
    (DFG: FR877/23-1)