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Technical Infrastructure S3


DevicesManufacturerShort description
2 TL/OSL-DA15RisoeLuminescence dating systems
4 TL/OSL-DA20RisoeLuminescence dating systems

Electron Spin Resonance

DevicesManufacturerShort description
1 ELEXSYS E500BRUKERX-Band ESR-Spectrometer
1 FA-100JEOLX-Band ESR-Spectrometer
1 X-Ray & heatown constructionX-Ray Irradiation and heating system 50 keV
1 X-Ray 200own constructionX-Ray Irradiation 200 keV


DevicesManufacturerShort description
3 HPGeAmetec ORTECGammaspectrometer
1 HPGeCanberra EurisysGammaspectrometer


DevicesManufacturerShort description
1 LS 13320Beckman-CoulterGrainsize Analyser
1 PartAn 3001LMitrotrac3D Particle size and shape analysis

Stable Isotope Mass-spectrometer

DeviceManufacturerShort description
1 Delta Plus XPThermo FinniganIRMS Mass-spectrometer