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Seismic, Gravimetry, and Magnetics

Our department carries out research regarding the application of seismic, gravimetric, and magnetic methods, as well as the complementary inclusion of structural geological analysis of the upper part of the Earth's crust: its structure, the processes creating and modifying the crust, as well as the critical geophysical parameters for these processes.

Departmental responsibilities

The aim is to investigate geological structures and fault systems, and to understand their variability on several scales to enable the sustainable use of underground geological formations. Our primarily application-oriented research activities are mainly focused on measuring and analysis of processes involved in mass movement and deformation, which give rise to modifications of the methodology-relevant geophysical parameters. The long-term objective is to establish viable forecasts concerning changes in underground zones capable of being utilised and influenced by human activity, for instance communication between reservoirs, the assessment of georisks, and processes, which give rise to landscape changes. This work is complemented by the development of surveying technologies and advanced evaluation methods, and modelling of the observed deformation.

We also participate in basic research activities whenever the department's expertise is able to significantly contribute to the success of scientific projects.

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Selected current projects

  • E4Geo Details Geothermics Saxony (LFULG)
  • OGER Details Optimised groundwater exploration - development of tools to secure groundwater resources (DBU)
  • GeoMetEr Details Evaluation of combinations of ground- and airborne geophysical methods as a contribution to future site investigation (BGE) 
  • REgine Details Geophysical-geological based reservoir engineering for deep-seated carbonates
  • DOVE - Drilling Overdeepened Alpine Valleys Details Glacially overdeepened Alpine valleys as climate archives (ICDP)
  • The Brenner base tunnel (BBT) natural laboratory Details From cross-section construction over fabric and elastic anisotropy analysis to 4D structural modeling (DFG)
  • Structural characterization and dating of an active strike-slip fault that passes from bedrock into unconsolidated sediments (DFG)
  • Seismic crosshole tomography as contribution to understand sedimentation processes in glacially-overdeepened valleys Details (DFG)
  • The neotectonic evolution of the Osning Lineament derived from near-surface reflection seismic data Details (DFG)
  • HyAfrica - Towards a next-generation renewable energy source – a natural hydrogen solution for power supply in Africa Details (BMBF / Horizon 2020 via LEAP-RE)

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Recent Publications

  • TCHOUKEU, C. D. N., DJOMANI, Y. P.,  MICKUS, K., ROUSSE, S., SOBH, M, BASSEKA, C., ETAME, J. (2024): Understanding the crustal architecture beneath the Bangui magnetic anomaly and its interactions with central African tectonic megastructures based gravity and magnetic analysis. - Journal of Geodynamics, 159:102022. doi: 10.1016/j.jog.2024.102022.

  • PIVETTA, T., BRAITENBERG, C., GABROVŠEK, F., GABRIEL G. & MEURERS, B. (2024): Gravimetry and hydrologic data to constrain the hydrodynamics of a Karstic area: the Škocjan Caves study case. - Journal of Hydrology, 629: 130453. doi: 10.1016/j.jhydrol.2023.130453​.

  • BRANDES, C., POLOM, U., WINSEMANN, J. & SANDERSEN, P.B.A. (2023): Reply to comment „The Børglum fault was active in historical times“ by Gaidzik & Kázmér. - Quaternary Science Reviews, 301: 107969, ISSN 0277-3791.

  • HESSELBO, S.P., AL-SUWAIDI, A., BAKER, S.J., BALLABIO, G., BELCHER, C.M., […] LEU, K., […], WADAS, S. H., WHITESIDE, J.H., WONIK, T., XU, W., ZEEDEN, C. & ZHAO, K. (2023): Initial results of coring at Prees, Cheshire Basin, UK (ICDP JET Project): towards an integrated stratigraphy, timescale, and Earth System understanding for the Early Jurassic. - Scientific Drilling, 32: 1-25.

  • WADAS, S.H., KRUMBHOLZ, J.F., SHIPILIN, V., KRUMBHOLZ, M., TANNER, D.C. & BUNESS, H. (2023): Advanced seismic characterization of a geothermal carbonate reservoir – insight into the structure and diagenesis of a reservoir in the German Molasse Basin. - Solid Earth, 14: 871-908.

Head of department

Prof. Dr. Gerald Gabriel
+49 511 643-3510


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