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Equipment in S2

The section S2 owns a number of instruments that cover a wide range of geophysical methods. A large part of is was commercially retrieved, but some were self-developed, partly based on available components.

Surface NMR

Vista ClaraGMR8-channel Surface-NMR instrument
Self-developmentNoisemeter4-channel Noisemeter

Ground-penetrating radar

GSSISIR-20GPR control unit(2 channels)
GSSISIR-4000GPR control unit(1 channel)
GSSIMLF (15-80 MHz)Antenna unshielded
GSSIAntenna shielded200 MHz, 400 MHz, 900 MHz, 1,5 GHz
Mala GeosciencesBorehole antenna100 MHz, 250 MHz
Mala GeosciencesRTA 3030 MHz Radarantenne unshielded
Hentschel/self-developedRadar 340GPR control unit (16 channels)
self-developedAntennenarray 16 antennae, unshielded, 80 MHz
self-developedDK sprectrometerMeasure dielectric spectrum 1 MHz – 10 GHz
PrenartTDR 100TDR device
IMKOTrime HD2TDR device
IDSStream C32-channel antenna array, 600 MHz

Electromagnetic Induction

ApexMax-Min I-10/TP-84FDEM instrument
GeonicsEM 38 FDEM instrument
GSSIGEM-300FDEM instrument
Monex GeoscopeterraTEM and TX50 TEM instrument with extension


2 5-channel magnetotellurics instruments 
MetronixTXM-22/TXB-07    CSEM-transmitter with 22kW
MetronixADU 08e-2D6 2-channel E-field data logger
Universität FrankfurtGeolore10 three-channel data logger (sampling rate max. 8 Hz)
MGTsemi-airborne EMOctocopter with SHFT-02e sensor and ADU08e-6C data logger


Self-developedMobile geoelectric soundingInstrument for DC resistivity soundings
ABEMTerrameter LS212-channel resistivity/IP device with a=2m and a=5m electrode chains
Lippmann4-point light 10WResistivity Instrument and electrode chains with diff. spacings (2m, 5m)
GeoserveResecsResistivity Instrument and electrode chains with diff. spacings (2m, 5m)
GeometricsOhmmapperCapazitive resistivity withTransmitter and 3 Receivers
SAMOS-Lippmann/ Self-developed4-point light 10W, electrode chainsAutonomous, Monitoring system
Geoserve/ Self-developedInstrument underwater resistivitySea streamer + Data logger
Eigenentwicklungsea cable streamer + data logger Underwater resistivity device
EigenentwicklungElectrophonics (Geoelectrics/Seismics)combined resistivity-seismics device
Eigenentwicklunghigh-power with generatorControl unit for large-scale resistivity with 40kW

Radic Research

SIP256C and 20 remote units for SIPSpectral Induced Polarisation (2D)
Radic ResearchSIP RabbitSpectral Induced Polarisation (continuous)
Scintrex IPScintrex IP IPC-7, IPR-10, IPC-12Receiver for Induced Polarisation (time-domain)
GFZ PotsdamAg/AgCl-Sonden48 unpolarisable electrodes
Self-developedelectrode chains for Seismoelectrics2 chains with each 24 electroden
Self-developedLaboratory columnLaboratory column