S2 Projects

In the section S2 we run projects funded by third-party money, but also internal LIAG projects. The work spreads over the methodical research field of the section and the of areas of the topical research fields.

Third-party funded projects

  • Dynadeep
    The Dynamic Deep Subsurface of High-Energy Beaches
  • DESMEX 2
    Deep Electromagnetic Soundings for Mineral EXploration II
  • KiSNeT
    Submarine Groundwater Discharge Network
  • Counter-IED 3
    Investigation of factors affecting GPR-based IED and landmine detection
  • Morespin II
    Mobile Magnetic Resonance Sensor with supraconducting coil 
  • DESMEX real
    Electromagnetic Exploration of mineral deposits: real laboratory Upper Harz
  • HOPE
    Investigation of faults in New Zeeland

Internal projects

Third-party funded projects (finished)

  • Sirius-B
    Simple and rapid imaging of groundwater using magnetic resonance with grounded bipoles
  • MoreSpin
    Mobile Magnetic Resonance sensor with supraconducting coil for prepolarization of the near surface
    Top soil and water –  The climate challenge in the near subsurface
  • go-CAM
    Implementation of a strategic development of coastal zone management
  • Soil-moisture
    Soil-moisture monitoring of test sites
  • Deep Electromagnetic Soundings for Mineral EXploration
    COupled Magnetic Resonance and Electrical Resistivity Tomography
  • EgerERT
    Large-scale ERT in the Eger rift for imaging fluid-relevant structures (PIER-IDCP)
  • Counter-IED 1+2
    Development of a soil rating system for GPR-based IED detection & Generating synthetic sample data
    Development of sustainable adaptation strategies for water management under conditions of climatic and demographic change
  • SaMoLEG
    Saltwater monitoring using long-electrode ERT
  • 2DQT
    Two-dimensional water content and relaxation time imaging from surface NMR data
  • gebo-G2
    Electric and electromagnetic investigation of fault zones