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Technical infrastructure

Our department S5 has an extensive pool of measuring systems for laboratory and borehole applications.


Core Analysis (CAL)

DeviceManufacturerShort Description
DesiccatorPfeiffer LabortechnikSample saturation
GeoPyc 1360MicromereticsBulk density pycnometer
Pycnomatic ATCPorotecHe pycnometer
TCSLippmann & Rauen GbRThermal conductivity scanner
Steady-State PermeameterWestphal MechanikSteady state gas permeameter

Special Core Analysis (SCAL)

DeviceManufacturerShort Description
Autosorb-iQ MPQuantachromeGas-adsorption 
3P Micro3P InstrumentsGas-adsorption
Rock Core Analyzer 2MHzMagritekNuclear Magnetic Resonance relaxometrie
SIP-Fuchs IIIRadic ResearchSpectral Induced Polarization 
SIP-QuadRadic ResearchSIP, multi-channel
SIP-LabFastRadic ResearchSIP, multi-channel device
F-factorWestphal MechanikFormation factor
AcoustosizerPorotec/Colloidal DynamicsElectrokinetics of interfaces
nanotom MWaygate TechnologiesX-ray micro computed tompgraphy
Zeiss AxioZeissTransmitted light microscopy
AutoPore V MicromereticsHg-injection, capillary pressure measurement

Digital Rock Physics (DRP)

DeviceManufacturerShort description
HP Z820 workstationHewlett PackardPC workstation for 3-D image analysis
AVIZO PerGeosThermo FischerVisualization software for image analysis
Dell PowerEdge R730DellServer workstation for DRP
GeoDict 2021Math2Market GmbHDRP Software


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Rock Magnetics

DeviceManufacturerShort Description
ALPHA IIBruker Optics GmbHSpectrometer
CM-700dKonica MinoltaSpectrophotometer for color analysis
MFK-KLY-3SAGICOKappabridge with high temperature device
MFK1-FA AGICOSpinner Kappabridge
MFK2-FA      AGICOSpinner Kappabridge
3D Rotator       AGICO3D Rotator for AMS
CS3AGICOHigh temperature heater
CS-LAGICOLow temperature cryostat
Minikappa KLF3AGICOMagnetic susceptibility meter
MI VFSMMagnon GmbHSusceptibility measuring station
760 SRMFirma 2G EnterprisesCryogenic core magnetometer
MBKSLMagnon GmbHCorelogger
JR-6AAGICOSpinner magnetometer
MI SM 1Magnon GmbHSpinner magnetometer
MMTD 80Magnetic MeasurementsDemagnetizer Heater
MI TD 700Magnon GmbHDemagentizer Heater
MI AFD 300Magnon GmbHAlternating field demagentizer (2 systems)
PM IIMagnon GmbHPuls magnetizer (2 sytems)
VSMMicroSenseVibration magnetometer
PM200RetschPlanetary ball mill for homogenizing and pulverizing to a degree of fineness < 1 µm (colloidal grinding < 0,1 µm)
KT10R v2Terraplusmobile suszeptibility meter
ReeferBraun Container Handels GmbHReefer container for storing sediment cores and samples
Magnetic Extractionself-constructionExtraction of magnetic components

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Borehole Geophysics

DeviceManufacturerShort description
Javelin NMRVista Clara Inc.Nuklear magnetic resonance (up to 220 m)
DLL (dual laterolog resistivity)AntaresResistivity/Conductivity sensor
FEL (focussed electric resistivity)AntaresResistivity/Conductivity sensor
BS (monopole sonic)AntaresSonic - sensor
SGR52AntaresSpectral Gamma Ray
SGR70AntaresSpectral Gamma Ray
GRAntaresGamma Ray sensor
GR4AAntaresGamma Ray sensor
PGR (production GR)AntaresGamma Ray sensor
SUSAntaresMagnetic susceptibility
MSUSCAntaresMagnetic susceptibility
PEAntaresNuclear - density, caliper
PNPAntaresNuclear - neutron porosity
EBSAntaresNuklear - element determination
DIP (4-arm-caliper with orientation)AntaresGeometry, dipmeter
4cal (4-arm-caliper )AntaresGeometry
FAC/ABI (televiewer)ALTAcoustic televiewer
OBIALTOptical imager
VSP_1306 (vertical seismic profiling)AntaresSeismic
VSP_1325 (vertical seismic profiling)AntaresSeismic
CFSM Flow-measurement
Flow 40/45 Flow-measurement
Ocean seven (AISI 3156) Multi-parameter mud sensor
PRT Temperature sensor
QPSO19 Pressure sensor
FCON Conductivity sensor
SAMPOwn constructionSampler


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