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Geo-Energy Systems

The geological subsurface is used energy source and for storage of energy. A sustainable use of the subsurface requires a comprehensive understanding its structures and coupled processes. This understanding is a prerequisite for a successful implementation of the energy transition and the achievement of climate goals. In this context, research field Geo-Energy Systems focuses on:

  • geothermal energy,
  • adaptable storage systems,
  • coal seam fire and
  • induced seismicity.

In particular, the heat transition through safe geothermal use and the storage of surplus energy are major challenges in energy transition. The global challenge of reducing greenhouse gas emissions is, in the context of research field 3, also understood at local level in areas of coal bed and stockpile fires. LIAG is member of the Leibniz Research Alliance “Energy Transition” and partner of the German-Chinese coal-fire research centre in Urumqi/China, founded in 2017.

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