National Research Data Infrastructure

Research data are essential for scientific work and also provide the basis for decision-making in business and politics.

The ongoing digitalisation of research requires cross-linked IT infrastructures, interoperable data formats, metadata standards, data services and interfaces. Only this will enable data to generate new knowledge and scientific as well as social progress.

Within the framework of the Bund-Länder Initiative for the Promotion of the National Research Data Infrastructure (NFDI), universities, public research organisations and public information infrastructure institutions have the opportunity to join forces in thematic/methodological consortia to submit a joint application for funding. The selection procedure is organised by the DFG (German Research Foundation). Funding totalling 85 million euros per year will be distributed among 30 consortia and will be used primarily for staff.

The Leibniz Institute for Applied Geophysics (LIAG) cooperates within the Interest Group Geology & Geophysics (I3G) with a number of universities and geological services to take the handling and exchange of geoscientific data to a new stage of development. The measures to be developed under I3G will be included in a joint funding proposal of the NFDI4Earth consortium, which is to be submitted to the DFG by the end of September at the latest.

I3G Executive Summary


Dr. Thorsten Agemar

Leibniz Institute for Applied Geophysics, Hannover

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Dr. Kristian Baer

TU Darmstadt
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