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Numerical Methods

Geological-physical states and processes are described physically by systems of mathematical equations. These are often systems of coupled partial differential equations together with the system-dependent boundary and initial conditions. The solutions of such systems of equations can seldom be given analytically, here then numerical methods are used.


Mathematical Modeling and Simulation of Geo-Processes

In this research field, which is located in Section 4 - Geothermics and Information Systems - numerical algorithms are developed for the modeling of transport processes (substances, heat, mechanical energy) and their couplings from the pore to the reservoir scale.


Mathematical Modeling & Simulation:
Dr. Manfred W. Wuttke
+49 511 643-2942

Modeling & Inversion:
Dr. Thomas Günther
+49 511 643-3494

Dr. David Colin Tanner
+49 511 643-2908

Seismic Modeling:
Dr. Thomas Burschil
+49 511 643-3026