Most transport processes (heat, matter) in applied geophysics are mapped in similar mathematical models. These usually consist of a system of coupled partial differential equations and corresponding material functions as well as initial and boundary conditions.

For the numerical simulation of such systems we at LIAG maintain the C ++ library oops! ® (open object-oriented parallel solutions), which provides the necessary programming modules.
The relevant processes are determined physically by the conservation laws of mass, energy and momentum.
They are mathematically described by the corresponding balance equations.

The oops! ® library provides classes that represent the necessary data structures and methods to implement numerical models based on the coupled equations.

The essential building blocks are
• the numerical grid
• time and location dependent fields
• transport equations
• the linear system of equations, which represents a discretized transport equation
• methods to solve

Based on this library further problem specific libraries and applications are developed:
• ogre: application for reading numerical grids from eg. Gmsh and prepare for use with oops! ®
• acme: library for the simulation of coal-fired fires
• cobra: application for the simulation of coal seam fires
• react: library for the simulation of reactive transport


Dr. Manfred W. Wuttke