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Enhancement of LIAG's Geophysics Information System

The Geophysics Information System (FIS GP) is used to store and provide geophysical metadata, measurements and data interpretations of the Leibniz Institute for Applied Geophysics and its partners. The IT-architecture of the overall system consists of an import program, a Web-GIS and a database, which is subdivided in a general part (superstructure) with metadata of all methods and in several subsystems (borehole geophysics, 1D/2D geoelectrics, gravimetry, magnetics, temperatures, 2D seismics, VSP, aero geophysics, petrophysics, transient electromagnetics and SkyTEM). Particularly noteworthy is the subsystem temperatures, which contains a unique collection of measured and corrected subsurface temperatures in Germany. Everyone can login as guest user and may retrieve metadata, free measurements and data interpretations. Some of the records are confidential and can only be accessed as registered user with permission of the data owners.

The internet interface of FIS GP consists of the components FIS-GP-Search and FIS-GP-Viewer. FIS-GP-Search offers a menu- and form-based user interface with search, print, visualization, and download options. With FIS-GP-Viewer geophysical data objects can be displayed and selected on interactive maps.


Dr. Thorsten Agemar

+49 511 643-2937