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Lake Chalco

Lake Chalco (Mexico)

As part of the international MexiDrill ICDP-project, department S5 will also participate in a drilling campaign at Lake Chalco in Mexico City. This will involve three LIAG employees travelling to Mexico City in the middle of February with a large amount of geophysical well logging equipment, to carry out detailed logging of the physical properties in an approx. 500 m deep flushed borehole. The main aim of the overall project is to investigate the long-term climate development, as well as the volcanological risk in this part of Central America. The extensive geophysical well logging through the well drilled in the former, now completely sedimented lake, forms the fundamental basis for answering many of the questions being looked at by the project which is staffed by a mixed team from all geoscientific disciplines and many countries. Interpretation of the well logs will amongst other things enable the creation of a complete lithological log, petrophysical characterisation of the sediments penetrated by the well, determining the position of the sedimentary structures, and interpreting the paleoclimatic conditions up to approx. 600 ka.