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Development of a Database for SIP-Measurements

The SIP-Archiv has been planned with respect to the needs of the SIP working group of our department. Additionally, demands and wishes of the German IP community have been evaluated and partially implemented. Accordingly, the following requirements form the main concept of this database: to provide a safe, long term archive and database structure for SIP laboratory data, web based, easy and free to use and self-administrated, in order to ensure maximum control over individual and institutional data sets. In addition, this data base provides functionalities to exchange and provide measurement data and metadata with respect to national (German) and European guidelines for good scientific practice. As an ongoing development, existing functionalities are permanently evaluated and adopted. New functionalities and storage capacities are planned, e.g. the implementation of laboratory SIP measurements on soil and other unconsolidated sample materials.



Project staff LIAG

Dr. Matthias Halisch
+49 511 643-2331

Klaus Krause
+49 511 643-3453