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Andrill Geophysical Downhole Logging

Andrill - Southern McMurdo Sound Project

In the context of the international dilling program ANtarctic geological DRILLing (ANDRILL) during austral spring 2007 a 1139 m deep core drilling was realised in the southern McMurdo Sound (Ross Meer) from sea ice. Main objective of this project, that integrated about 70 scientists from all geoscientific disciplines, is to investigate the variations of the Neogene ice cover of Anarctica and its long term climate development. The drilled sediments represent the time period between Mid-Miocene (about 17 Ma before present) and Holocene. The Leibniz Institute for Applied Geosciences is involved with the realisation and analysis of comprehensive geophysical downhole measurements. These data sets reveal fundamental information for many basic questions the project is concerned with. Applied methods and/or observed parameters are: 

  • Calibre
  • Density
  • Porosity
  • Spectral gamma radiation
  • Geochemical parameters
  • Magnetic susceptibility
  • Electrical resistivity
  • Dipmeter
  • Acoustic logging tools
  • Temperature
  • Vertical seismic profiling
  • Velocity of seismic compressional waves

Interpretation of the logging data enables the derivation of a complete lithological log, the petrophysical characterisation of the drilled sediments, the identification of specific sediment structures, and therefore statements concerning palaeoclimate conditions. In addition nuclear magnetic resonance measurements and thermal conductivity measurements will be performed based on selective specimens from the drilled cores. Seismic measurements in the borehole contribute to tying the geological information to the reflection seismic sections. Therewith, local results from the research drilling can be transferred to larger areas providing an important contribution to the understanding of the tectonic setting and the history of the Ross Sea.

Project Managment


01.10.2007 until 14.01.2010


German Research Foundation


ANDRILL consortium