CLIWAT - Climate & Water

Climate change simulations indicate that rainfall will increase in the North Sea region, however with significant seasonal variations. This will lead to higher groundwater levels (up to one meter), higher flux to rivers/coastal waters and a forced outwash of nutrients and pollutants from industrial areas, agriculture and landfills. Conditions for the design of roads, buildings etc. will change.

The project will focus on determining the effects of climate change on groundwater systems and through this on surface water and water supply. Furthermore, challenges and solutions for engineering design of buildings, roads etc. will be elaborated. Assessments of forced leaching from point sources and agricultural sources into the hydrological system to rivers and lakes are also focus areas of the CLIWAT project.

CLIWAT Handbook

Project Management

Dr. Helga Wiederhold

If you have any questions about the topic or the project, please send an email to presse(at)

Duration and funding


Region Midtjylland (Lead Beneficiary)
Region Syddanmark
Environment Centre Aarhus
Environment Centre Ribe
Municipality of Horsens
Universität Aarhus
Provincie Fryslan
Wetterskip Fryslan