Geoparameters from well logging and their uses

The B4 sub-project "Geoparameters from well logging and their use" which is part of the " Geothermal and High Performance Drilling Technology Research Association in Niedersachsen" research association (gebo), has the aim of making the drilling of deep wells safer and more efficient when used for geothermal energy generation purposes. This involves developing a program which enables modelling to predict the well stability from the geophysical parameters measured and calculated during drilling (LWD/MWD). This program and the use of specific parameters can help to adjust drilling parameters such as mud weight during drilling so that they match the conditions existing in the formation being drilled. In this way, the intention is to avoid collapse of the well and/or accidental disruption of the rock being drilled through.

The development of the necessary source codes is the job of the Institute for Oil and Gas Technology (ITE) at the Applied Science University of Clausthal, while the members of the project from LIAG are responsible for evaluating the availability of the necessary geo-parameters, as well as to develop and further develop parameter correlations which form the basis for the model calculations alongside the data acquired in situ. 


Project Management

Dr. Thomas Wonik
+49 511 643-3517


The gebo Research Association