System management in the geosystems main research activity


To pursue its objectives, the gebo research association is divided up into four main scientific research activities: geosystems, drilling technology, materials, and technological systems. 

LIAG plays a significant role in this largest research association in Niedersachsen incorporating 32 scientific projects. In addition to four of its own scientific projects, the gebo geosystems main research activity is managed by the geothermal energy main research activity.

The gebo-GS project has the aim of co-ordinating and controlling in a targeted way the nine research projects within the gebo geosystems main research activity. The exchange of findings between the project partners is of fundamental importance for quality assurance. The results of the sub-projects are merged in joint publications.

External integration takes place via co-operation between the co-ordinators of the other main research activities, the gebo office, and the Baker Hughes company. 

Work programme

Eight of the nine sub-projects of the gebo geosystems main research activity started work in January 2010, whilst the ninth project started in September 2010. Co-ordination and communication at several levels is essential because the project members work at various universities and research institutes in Niedersachsen, and because collaboration is also required with the other gebo main research activities and the Baker Hughes company.

Meetings to discuss the geosystems main research field also took place and still take place to further the exchange of findings and to co-ordinate the work being undertaken. Co-ordination between the project partners is of fundamental importance for the overall main research activity, particularly with respect to the pan-project activities such as the elaboration of benchmark models for representative geothermal scenarios in north Germany, and the geophysical surveying in the Leine Valley Graben. The discussions are supplemented by strategic technical co-operation with the industrial partner Baker Hughes. Presentation events were actively arranged and a field excursion organised to communicate the content and results to the other gebo main research activities. The geosystems main research activity is presented at conferences to highlight the overall concept.

Coordination Geosystem

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