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Seismics in crystalline Sachsen (SiKS)

Seismic surveys also help define drilling locations for reservoir development. The exploration of petrothermal reservoirs is determined by the position of various crystalline rock complexes and complex, usually steeply dipping fault systems. The existing geological models are used to extrapolate the structures known from the shallow geology, and the findings from mining activities, down to great depths. Because the target depth is around 5 to 6 km, extrapolations have to be supported by seismic surveys because these surveys can provide a significant amount of structural information on the geological structure of deep underground formations.

Overall objective of the project

In addition to determining the complex 3D underground structure, the other challenges to be solved by the seismic exploration of geothermal reservoirs in crystalline rocks include the very steeply lying structures within the fault zone, and quantifying the degree of fracturing in the reservoir. These questions are to be solved by three research projects undertaken as part of a joint project under the overall management of the Leibniz Institute for Applied Geophysics (LIAG) and the involvement of the University of Hamburg and the Bergakademie Applied Science University in Freiberg:

  1. Carrying out a 3D seismic survey and processing it using new methods and interpretations (LIAG project: 3D seismic survey in crystalline rocks with a special focus on lithological and structural classification of the geothermal reservoir by the analysis of seismic attributes),
  2. Development and application of innovative processing methods to visualise steeply dipping structures with diffractions (project University of Hamburg: Visualisation of steeply dipping structures with diffractions),
  3. Geothermal reservoir characterisation with a special focus on specially designed additional measurements (project Bergakademie Freiberg: geothermal reservoir characterisation using modern seismic visualisation methods and with a special focus on steeply dipping fault systems and their degree of fracturing).


Duration: 01.09.2011 - 31.12.2014