The study of past climate changes contributes to understand the modern climate change dynamics and their impact on the biosphere. Most of the studies in palaeoclimatology focus on marine archives. Comparatively, continental environments received less attention because of the difficulty in correlating continental archives at a high resolution, potential hiatuses, and often uncertain dating.

This DAAD funded project ‘AstroTrias’ strengthens the cooperation between the University Rennes 1 (France) and the Leibniz Institute for Applied Geophysics through a high-profile project that analyse Triassic successions. Our work aims at giving insight into Triassic sedimentation systems and terrestrial Triassic climate dynamics. This work is relevant by itself, but especially so as the partners are part of the ‘DeepDust’ consortium and are organising an International Scientific Continental Drilling Project. We use this opportunity to teach young researchers at the MSc and PhD level in an international cooperative environment in the field, in the lab and also in data processing.


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