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NFDI Pilot

NFDI Pilot

Geoscientific research has become a highly complex and interdisciplinary task that often needs several datasets to answer complex questions, and that produces huge amounts of manifold data, associated data types and related documentations accordingly. Although a broad range of possibilities exist to make these data findable and accessible (e.g., by assigning digital object identifier and by storing data in repositories), interoperability and reusability are mostly not guaranteed or even not possible, due to non-existing interdisciplinary standards and highly variable scales of research (i.e., from laboratory to fieldwork). Accordingly, the main objective of this pilot-project is to develop an urgently needed interoperability and reusability framework, including inherent and meaningful standards, by exemplarily utilizing and assessing a broad range of available interdisciplinary geoscientific laboratory data and data types across different scales (i.e., petrophysical, geological, mineralogical and image-based data), with regard to hydraulic transport in porous rocks. Based on these different datasets and data types, this pilot will develop methods and assign standardized metadata, in order to ensure a most complete data integration for many independent research questions exemplarily. A web-based platform will be set up, to demonstrate, distribute and provide the developed standards and research data as intended for the NFDI in general, and for the NFDI4Earth in particular. This project primarily aims at scientists, data curators, university teachers, and decision-makers; results are also relevant for infrastructure providers and system integrators for the development of new or the improvement of existing archives and repositories. Based on datasets created, compiled and exchanged within the FZ:GEO research network (Leibniz Forschungszentrum GEO at Leibniz Universität Hannover) and associated project partners, this pilot-project will create the basis for interoperability and reusability of geophysical and geochemical datasets. For the future, such web-based interface could be easily extended towards arbitrary fields of geoscience, including arbitrary scales of research and will become a powerful tool for providing information and data for new research concepts and fields.


Project Management

Dr. Matthias Halisch
+49 511-6432331