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Cenozoic Fossil deposits in the Atbara-Valley, Sudan

Development of a cross-location geochronological and stratigraphic framework using luminescence and ESR dating

The aim of the project is to create a reference system for the evolutionary and climatic development of East Africa in the Pleistocene. The analysis of the stone tools found in the study area enables new knowledge about the technological change from the Acheuléen to the Middle Stone Age in the region. The establishment of a cross-site geochronological and stratigraphic framework should help in the reconstruction of the local environmental conditions and the development of the Nile system.


funding mark: 387794796
Duration: 2017-2021

Cooperation partners

Al-Neelain-Universität (Sudan)
Internationale Universität Afrikas (Sudan)
Universität Khartum (Sudan)
Western University of Health Sciences (USA)
Universität Bordeaux (Frankreich)
Technischen Universität Berlin