The project PlayType aims to catalog German geothermal provinces into play type by worldwide applicable geologic characteristics, referred to as geothermal play concept (Moeck, 2014), in order to uplift geothermal development. LIAG is coordinator of the joint research project and collaborates with the project partner International Geothermal Centre Bochum GZB and the associated partner Storengy. Die research activities of LIAG focus on the subproject A: foreland basins, extensional terrains and Play-Type-Atlas.

Overall goal of this joint project with participants LIAG, GZB und Storengy is cataloging the German geothermal resources in play type categories, emphasizing on geological analogs and defining the target reservoir as part of a geological system including heat source and fluid/heat flow paths. Applying the play type concept will ultimately lead to geoscientifically well-grounded conceptual models and a globally harmonized geothermal resources assessment

The work schedule of the Play Type project is partitioned into four work packages analysing geothermal fields related to the specific play types (I) extensional terrains, (II) foreland basins, (III) intracratonal basins, and (IV) synthesis and dissemination. LIAG will work on: (i) Validation and verification of seismic, structural geological, geomechanical and geochemical (degassing) methods to identify, characterize and quantify reservoirs in extensional terrains; (ii) play type specific parametrization and modelling of heat transport especially in foreland basins applying finite element methods; (iii) characterizing fault patterns, stress field, permeability structure, heat transport and heat flux in example projects; (iv) compilation of geological analogs to German play types; (v) synopsis of results in guidelines for play type specific exploration and assessment methods; (vi) programming the new category play type for GeotIS; (vii) programming a webdesign based e-learning platform; (viii) implementation of the project results in Annex 13 IEA Geothermal and IGA guidelines. The GZB will emphasize its work on (i) the update of new 3D geological models for the North German Basin using GoCad, (ii) development of volume model of a test region, (iii) temperature modelling based on kriging and finite element methods.

The excellent international network and the expertise specifically in applied geothermics oft he GZB as well as the involvement of the globally active company Storengy form a strong partnership in this joint project. Moreover, synergies effects rise form this ideal collaboration required to reach the ambitioning project goals.

Project management



01.08.2017 - 31.05.2021