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Tannwald Borehole

Research Borehole Tannwald Basin

The Alpine region is extremely sensitive to environmental and climatic changes, hydrogeological conditions and tectonic processes. Even more intense research on the various geoscientific aspects is therefore required against the background of the societal challenges faced by this region. The over-deepened valleys and basins are particularly important in this context, because inner Alpine areas are frequently densely populated.

With the 2015 research well in the Tannwald Basin (Winterstettenstadt), in Baden-Württemberg, we investigate a typical example of many over-deepened valleys and basins in the Alps. The main aim of the project is the methodological development of geophysical aspects, with the aim of improving the physical characterisation of the Quaternary sediments in over-deepened Alpine valleys and basins. This provides information on climatic and environmental changes in the recent past in the area in question, and they can also contain important groundwater potential. Therfore the still unexplained genesis of these valleys needs to be much better understood.   
The primary objective of the project is the geophysical characterisation of basin morphology and the basin sediments. The complex structure of the basins, as well as the petrophysical contrasts, make it necessary to further develop geophysical exploration techniques. The work will concentrate initially on the Tannwald Basin, and then be extended to include other over-deepened basins and valleys. 
A pan-methodological, geologically-oriented analysis of a planned cored well is the objective of the overriding ICDP DOVE initiative – Drilling Over-deepened Alpine Valleys – in which LIAG is involved as the project applicant.