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The validation and upgrading of measuring technologies and the integration of the methodological developments to observe mass movements and surface deformation are undertaken, e.g., with regard to the georisk topic; a subject of high societal relevance.


Unlike natural risks at a major scale, the focus here is on risks at a geotechnical scale, e.g. extreme mass movements (slope failures), surface collapse or uplift (sinkholes, old mines, halotectonics), as well as problematic geotechnical underground formations. Questions of a fundamental nature require new observation technologies and monitoring strategies to characterise and provide early warnings of georisks of this kind. The efficient combination of compression wave and shear wave seismic surveys form the basis for the necessary high structural resolution, and the derivation of physically and lithologically-relevant elasto-dynamic parameters. This information, and where necessary, combined with the recording of changes over time in potential fields, is used to characterise suspect sites, and to further the understanding of the processes involved.