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Surface Deformation

This particular project deals with development and application of innovative concepts to observe and interpret local (sub-) surface deformation above subrosion structures.

By ground and meteoric waters easily soluble rocks in the underground (carbonates, evaporites) can be leached. Karstification takes place - subrosion processes and dissolution of soluble rocks in the underground lead to mass relocation and the development of cavities as well as ductile zones.  Mass deficits in the subsurface are being compensated by gravitative subsidence of overlying rock packages or a sudden collaps.

One can observe the deformation that results from the subsidence at the Earth’s surface by using geodetic (e.g. leveling, INSAR) and the mass relocation by gravimetric measurements. The field measurements above active sinkholes are carried out as quarterely time-lapse measurements in order to produce time series. We use four different relative gravity meters of different producers (Scintrex, LCR, ZLS) in quarterely campaigns, respectively. Afterwards a software-supported time series analysis (hopefully) will show surface deformation and mass relocation in time and space.



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