The project SIRIUS-B (Simple and rapid imaging of groundwater using magnetic resonance with grounded bipoles) target to investigate whether or not it is possible to replace the large surface loops connected to a heavy instrument by a number of small steel electrodes that can be pinned to the ground fast and easily and connected to a lightweight device.

Unlike loops that transmit and detect the magnetic field component of the electromagnetic field, the grounded electrodes transmit and detect the electrical field component. The difference sounds simple but the approach has not been considered, yet. Since the invention of magnetic resonance, large surface loops have been used. However, in other geophysical electromagnetic methods measurements of the electrical field component are commonly considered.

SIRIUS B will investigate using grounded bipoles both for transmitting NMR pulses and receiving NMR signals.

Left: First FID measured using a grounded bipole for detection of NMR signals. Right: Inversion result in comparison to common loop based detection. 



Prof. Dr. Mike Müller-Petke
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Nico Skibbe