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Publikationen 2022

ABBAS, W., ZHANG, J., TSUKAMOTO, S., ALI, S., FRECHEN, M. & REICHERTER, K. (2022): Pleistocene-Holocene deformation and seismic history of the Kalabagh Fault in Pakistan using OSL and post-IR IRSL dating. - Quaternary International, 651: 42-61.

ABIRIFARD, M., BIRK, S., RAEISI, E. & SAUTER, M. (2022): Dynamic volume in karst aquifers: Parameters affecting the accuracy of estimates from recession analysis. - Journal of Hydrology, 612: 128286.

AGEMAR, T. (2022): Bottom Hole Temperature Correction Based on Empirical Correlation. - Geothermics, 99: 102296.

ANSELMETTI, F., BAVEC, M., CROUZET, C., FIEBIG, M., GABRIEL, G., PREUSSER, F., RAVAZZI, C. & DOVE SCIENTIFIC TEAM (2022): Drilling Overdeepened Alpine Valleys (ICDP-DOVE): Quantifying the age, extent and environmental impact of Alpine glaciations. - Scientific Drilling, 31: 51-70.

ARGANTE, V., TANNER, D.C., BRANDES, C., VON HAGKE, C. & TSUKAMOTO, S. (2022): The memory of a fault gouge: An example from the Simplon Fault Zone (Central Alps). - Geosciences, 12(7): 268.

BAILIFF, I.K., ADAMIEC, G., CHEN, R., CHRUSCINSKA, A., DULLER, G. A.- T., JAIN, M., TOYODA, S. & TSUKAMOTO, S. (2022): Editorial - 16th International Conference on Luminescence and Electron Spin Resonance Dating (LED2021). - Radiation Measurements, 157: 106843.

BANUSCH, S., SOMOGYVARI, M., SAUTER, M., RENARD, P. & I. ENGELHARDT, I. (2022): Stochastic Modelling Approach to identify Uncertainties of Karst Conduit Networks in Carbonate Aquifers. - Water Resources Research, 58(8): e2021WR031710.

BRANDES, C., POLOM, U., WINSEMANN, J. & SANDERSEN, P.B.E. (2022): The near-surface structure in the area of the Børglum fault, Sorgenfrei-Tornquist Zone, northern Denmark: Implications for fault kinematics, timing of fault activity and fault control on tunnel valley formation. - Quaternary Science Reviews, 289: 107619.

BRANDES, C., TANNER, D. C., FOSSEN, H., HALISCH, M. & MÜLLER, K. (2022): Disaggregation bands as an indicator for slow creep activity on blind faults. - Journal Communications Earth & Environment, Nature-Portfolio, 3: 9.

BUNESS, H., TANNER, D. C., BURSCHIL, T., GABRIEL, G. & WIELANDT-SCHUSTER, U. (2022): Cuspate-lobate folding in glacial sediments revealed by a small-scale 3-D seismic survey. - Journal of Applied Geophysics, 200: 104614.

BUCHANAN, G. R., TSUKAMOTO, S., ZHANG, J. & LONG, H. (2022): Testing the natural limits of infrared radiofluorescence dating of the Luochuan loess-palaeosol sequence, Chinese Loess Plateau. - Radiation Measurements, 155: 106797.

BURSCHIL, T., BUNESS, H. & SCHMELZBACH, C. (2022): Near-surface three-dimensional multicomponent source and receiver S-wave survey in the Tannwald Basin, Germany: Acquisition and data processing. - Near Surface Geophysics, 20(4): 331-348.

COSTABEL, S., HILLER, T., DLUGOSCH, R., KRUSCHWITZ, S. & MÜLLER-PETKE, M. (2022): Evaluation of single-sided nuclear magnetic resonance technology for usage in geosciences. - Measurement Science and Technology, 34(1): 015112.

FADEL, M., REINECKER, J., BRUSS, D. & MOECK, I. (2022): Causes of a premature thermal breakthrough of a hydrothermal project in Germany. - Geothermics, 105: 102523.

FERNÁNDEZ-MONESCILLO, M., MARTÍNEZ, G., GARCÍA LÓPEZ, D., FRECHEN, M., ROMERO-LEBRÓN, E., KRAPOVICKAS, J. M., HARO, J. S., RODRÍGUEZ, P. E., ROUZAUT, S. & TAUBER, A. A. (2022): The last record of the last typotherid (Notoungulata, Mesotheriidae, Mesotherium cristatum) for the middle Pleistocene of the western Pampean region, Córdoba Province, Argentina, and its biostratigraphic implications. - Quaternary Science Reviews, 301: 107925.

FOERSTER, V., ZEEDEN C. & JUNGINGER, A (2022): Editorial: Integrating Paleoclimate, Stratigraphy, Sedimentology & Paleontology in Human Evolution and Dispersal Studies - from Early Hominins to the Holocene. - Frontiers in Earth Science: 1-4.

GAO, H., TATOMIR, A. B., KARADIMITRIOU, N. K., STEEB, H., & SAUTER, M. (2022): Effect of pore space stagnant zones on interphase mass transfer in porous media for two-phase flow conditions. - Transport in Porous Media, doi: 10.1007/s11242-022-01879-0.

GHERGUT, I., BEHRENS, H. & SAUTER, M. (2022): Do tracer tests enable model-independent predictions of georeservoir output? Solute co-production versus thermal drawdown. - Advances in Geosciences (ADGEO): EGU22-6133.

KARMAKAR, S., TATOMIR, A., OEHLMANN, S., GIESE, M. & SAUTER, M. (2022): Benchmark studies on flow and solute transport in geological reservoirs. - Water, 14(8): 1310.

KLINGE, M., SCHNEIDER, F., LI, Y., FRECHEN, M. & SAUER, D. (2022): Variations in geomorphological dynamics in the northern Khangai Mountains, Mongolia, since the Late Glacial period. - Geomorphology, 401: 108113.

KREMER, T., IRONS, T., MÜLLER-PETKE, M. & LARSON, J. J. (2022): Review of Acquisition and Signal Processing Methods for Electromagnetic Noise Reduction and Retrieval of Surface Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Parameters. - Surveys in Geophysics, 43: 999-1053.

LI, Y., TSUKAMOTO, S., LONG, H., ZHANG, J. & YANG, L. (2022): Coarse-grained K-feldspar and fine-grained polymineral IRSL dating of loess-palaeosol from the Chinese Loess Plateau: A comparison. - Quaternary Geochronology, 73: 101379.

LIU, S. H., LÜTHGENS, C., HARDT, J., HEBENSTREIT, R., BÖSE, M. & FRECHEN, M. (2022): Late Quaternary formation of the Miaoli Tableland in northwest Taiwan, an interplay of tectonic uplift and fluvial processes dated by OSL. - Quaternary Research: 1-22.

LO, L., SHEN, C.-C., ZEEDEN, C., TSAI, Y.-H., YIN, Q., YANG, C.-C., CHANG, T.-L., SU, Y.-L., MII, H.-S., CHUANG, C.-K. & CHEM, Y.-C. (2022): Orbital control on the thermocline structure during the past 568 kyr in the Solomon Sea, southwest equatorial pacific. - Quarternary Science Reviews, 251: 107756.

LOBA, A., ZHANG, J., TSUKAMOTO, S., KASPRZAK, M., KOWALSKA, J. B., FRECHEN, M. & WAROSZEWSKI, J. (2022): Luvisols in the loess landscape from south-western Poland. - Catena, 220: 106724.

MAIER, U., TATOMIR, A. & SAUTER, M. (2022): Hydrogeochemical modeling of mineral alterations after CO2 injection. - Applied Geochemistry, 136 (2022): 105151.

MENESES RIOSECO, E., DUSSEL, M. & MOECK, I. S. (2022): 3D thermo-hydromechanical simulation of the behaviour of a naturally fractured petrothermal reservoir in deep Upper Jurassic carbonates of the Bavarian Molasse Basin – Case study Geretsried. - Geomechanics and Tunnelling, 15(1): 48-57.

MIR, J. A., DAR, R. A., VINNEPAND, M., LAAG, C., ROLF, C. & ZEEDEN, C. (2022): Environmental reconstruction potentials of Loess-Paleosol- Sequences in Kashmir through high-resolution proxy data. - Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 601: 111100.

MOECK, I. & WEBER, J. (2022): Metastudie zur nationalen Erdwärmestrategie: Ersatz fossiler Brennstoffe im Bereich Raumwärme und Warmwasser durch Geothermie als unverzichtbarer Bestandteil im Energiesektor Ökowärme bis 2045. - Leibniz-Institut für Angewandte Geophysik: 1-30.

RAHIMZADEH, N., TSUKAMOTO, S. & ZHANG, J. (2022): A comparative study of sand- and silt-sized quartz fractions for MAR-VSL dating using loess-palaeosol deposits in southern Germany. - Quaternary Geochronology, 70: 101276.

RICHTER, M. & TSUKAMOTO, S. (2022): Investigation of quartz electron spin resonance residual signals in the last glacial and early Holocene fluvial deposits from the Lower Rhine. - Geochronology, 4: 55-63.

RICHTER, M., TSUKAMOTO, S., CHAPOT, M. S., DULLER, G. A. T. & BARHAM, L. S. (2022): Electron spin resonance dating of quartz from archaeological sites at Victoria Falls, Zambia. - Quaternary Geochronology, 72: 101345.

SARDAR ABADI, M., VOETEN, D. F. A. E., KULAGINA, E. I., BOULVAIN, F. & DA SILVA, A.-C. (2022): A comment on overlooked storm sensitivity of the carbonate factory recorded in the Mississippian Mobarak Formation (Alborz Mountains, Iran). - Geological Journal, 57(10): 4388-4392.

SARDAR ABADI, M., ZEEDEN, C., ULFERS, A., HESSE, K. & WONIK, T. (2022): Using High Resolution Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy to Detect Tephra Layers in Lacustrine Sediments: An Example from Lake Chalco, Central Mexico. - Quarternary Science Reviews, 249: 107739.

SAUTER M. & RUSTEBERG, R. (2022): Die SALAM-Initiative: Strategien zur Lösung des Wasserdefizitproblems im Nahen Osten. - WasserWirtschaft, 7-8: S3.

SCHULZE, T., SCHWAHN, L., FÜLLING, A., ZEEDEN, C., PREUSSER, F. & SPRAFKE, T. (2022): Investigating the loess-palaeosol sequence of Bahlingen-Schönenberg (Kaiserstuhl), SW-Germany, using a multi-methodological approach. - E&G – Quaternary Science Journal, 71(2): 145-162.

SOLLEIRO-REBOLLEDO, E., SEDOV, S., TERHORST, B., LÓPEZ-MARTÍNEZ, R., DÍAZ-ORTEGA, J., DÍAZ-HERNÁNDEZ, Y., VALERA-FERNÁNDEZ, D., CABADAS-BÁEZ, H. & TSUKAMOTO, S. (2022): Late Quaternary paleosols and landscape evolution in dune systems of Veracruz at the Gulf of Mexico coast. - Quaternary International, 618: 70-86.

STADLER, S. & IGEL, J. (2022): Developing realistic FDTD GPR antenna surrogates by means of particle swarm optimization. - IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation, 70(6): 4259-4272.

STRITZKE, R., PINT, A., ZEEDEN, C., ROLF, C., FRENZEL, P., HAHNE, J., HOFFMANN, R., SCHNEIDER, C., HAMBLOCH, C. & SCHRIJVER, D. (2022):Niederschönhagen, Detmold, Germany: A 170 m long Early Quaternary lake record from a subrosion structure in Germany. - Quaternary Newsletter, 155: 42-51.

SYCHEV, N. V., KONSTANTINOV, E. A ., ZAKHAROV, A. L, FRECHEN, M. & TSUKAMOTO, S. (2022): New Data on Geochronology of the Upper Quaternary Loess-Soil Series in the Terek-Kuma Lowland. - Lithology and Mineral Resources, 57: 336-347.

TANNER, D. C., BRANDES, C., & WINSEMANN, J. (2022): Grain-size distribution dataset of supercritical flow sediments from a Gilbert-type delta that are associated with disaggregation bands. - Data in Brief, 46: 108792.

TATOMIR, A.B., GAO, H., PÖTZL, C., KARADIMITRIOU, N. K., LICHA, T., CLASS, H., HELMIG, R. H. & SAUTER, M. (2022): Estimation of NAPL-Water interfacial areas for unconsolidated porous media by kinetic interface sensitive (KIS) tracers. - Authorea Preprints, 11: 1-44.

TRÙÒNG, T.-M., BRESINSKY, L. & SAUTER, M. (2022): Grundwasseranreicherung mit entsalztem Meerwasser in Festgesteinsgrundwasserleitern. - WasserWirtschaft, 7-8: 55-60.

TSUKAMOTO, S., BUSSERT, R., DELAGNES, A., RICHTER, M., MOHAMMEDNOOR, M., BEDRI, O., KRAAZ, B., MÜLLER, J., SALIH, K., EISAWI, A. & BIBI, F. (2022): Luminescence chronology of fossiliferous fluvial sediments along the middle Atbara River, Sudan. - Quaternary Geochronology, 71: 101312.

TUDYKA, K., KORUSZOWIC, M., OSADNIK, R., ADAMIEC, G., MOSKA, P., SZYMAK, A., BLUSZCZ, A., ZHANG, J., KOLB, T., & POREBA, G. (2022): μRate: an online dose rate calculator for trapped charge dating. - Archaeometry: 1-25.

ULFERS, A., ZEEDEN, C., VOIGT, S., SARDAR ABADI, M. & WONIK, T. (2022): Half-precession signals in Lake Ohrid (Balkan) and their spatio-temporal relations to climate records from the European realm. - Quaternary Science Reviews, 280: 107413.

ULFERS, A., ZEEDEN, C., WAGNER, B., KRASTEL, S., BUNESS, H. & WONIK, T. (2022): Borehole logging and seismic data from Lake Ohrid (North Macedonia/Albania) as a basis for age-depth modelling over the last one million years. - Quaternary Science Reviews, 276: 107295.

VINNEPAND, M., FISCHER, P., JÖRIS, O., HAMBACH, U., ZEEDEN, C., SCHULTE, P., FITZSIMMONS, K. E., PRUD’HOMME, C., PERIC, Z., SCHIRMER, W., LEHM-KUHL, F., FIEDLER, S. & VÖTT, A. (2021): Decoding geochemical signals of the Schwalbenberg Loess-Palaeosol-Sequences – A key to Upper Pleistocene ecosystem responses to climate changes in western Central Europe. - Catena, 212: 106076.

WADAS, S. H., BUNESS, H., ROCHLITZ, R., SKIBA, P., GÜNTHER, T., GRINAT, M., TANNER, D. C., POLOM, U., GABRIEL, G. & KRAWCZYK, C.M. (2022): Geophysical analysis of an area affected by subsurface dissolution – case study of an inland salt marsh in northern Thuringia, Germany. - Solid Earth, 13: 1673-1696.

WADAS, S. H. & VON HARTMANN, H. (2022): Porosity estimation of a geothermal carbonate reservoir in the German Molasse Basin based on seismic amplitude inversion. - Geothermal Energy, 10(13): 1-40.

WAGNER, B., TAUBER, P., FRANCKE, A., LEICHER, N., BINNIE, S., CVETKOSKA, A., JOVANOVSKA, E., JUST, J., LACEY, J., LEVKOV, Z., LINDHORST, K., KOULI, K., KRASTEL, S., PANAGIOTOPOULOS, K., ULFERS, A., ZAOVA, D., DONDERS, T., GRANZHDANI, A., KOUTSODENDRIS, A., LENG, M., SADORI, L., SCHEINERT, M., VOGEL, H., WONIK, T., ZANCHETTA, G. & WILKE, T. (2022): The geodynamic and limnological evolution of Balkan Lake Ohrid, possibly the oldest extant lake in Europe. - Boreas, 52: 1-26.

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ZHANG, S., ZHAO, H., SHENG, Y., ZHANG, J., ZHANG, J., SUN, A., WANG, L., HUANG, L., HOU, J. & CHEN, F. (2022): Mega-lakes in the northwestern Tibetan Plateau formed by melting glaciers during the last deglacial. - Quaternary Science Reviews, 285: 107528.

ZHOU, D., TATOMIR, A. & SAUTER, M. (2022): Pore- scale analytic model to calculate the suction stress in partially saturated soils. - Vadose Zone Journal, 21(5): e20229.

ZHOU, D., TATOMIR, A., NIEMI, A., TSANG, C.-F. & SAUTER, M. (2022): Study on the influence of randomly distributed fracture aperture in a fracture network on heat production from an enhanced geothermal system (EGS). - Energy, 250: 123781.


Ausführliche Kurzfassung:

GUENTHER, T., MÜLLER-PETKE, M., ROCHLITZ, R. & RONCZKA, M. (2022): Using Drone-Based Electromagnetics for 3D Imaging of Groundwater Salinization. - NSG2022 3rd Conference on Airborne, Drone and Robotic Geophysics, 1: 1-5.

SKIBBE, N., OELKERS, P., GÜNTHER, T. & MÜLLER-PETKE, M. (2022): The Dynamic Deep Subsurface of High-Energy Beaches (DYNADEEP) – Geoelectrical Monitoring of The Freshwater/Saltwater Dynamics. - NSG2022 28th European Meeting of Environmental and Engineering Geophysics, 1: 1-5.